Lea Novi's practice focuses on the relationship between human and nature, which is contradictory in her understanding. Therefore, she seeks reciprocal pathways between the two, which represents an urgency in the light of Global Crisis. For both the creation and presentation of her work, she uses multidisciplinary approaches.

Lea Novi received her BA from the University of Applied Sciences Munich and holds a MA in Lens Based Media Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam and a second MA in Photography and Society from the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. From 2022-2023 she was a scholarship holder at the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). Novi’s work was exhibited among others at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam, at Gallery V2 in Rotterdam, at Bunker Waterkant in Den Haag, at Darağaç in Izmir, and at Farbenladen and Photo18 in Munich. Lea Novi is part of the music collective Timetripping as well as the Fotobus collective in Germany.


2021 - 2023 MA, Photography & Society at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK), The Hague (NL)
2019 - 2021 MA, Lens Based Media Design at the Willelm de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (NL)
2014 - 2018 BA, Fotodesign at University of Applied Science Munich (DE)

Professional Experience

2023 Studycoach at KABK
2023 Individual Study Track (KABK): Artists as Educators, lead by Frederic Klanberg
2018 - present Freelance photographer and assistant (selected clients: Museum Volkenkunde,Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, SZ Magazin, Eres Stiftung, Lowa, Luxlotusliner)
2017 Curator of exhibition halbvoll X halbleer
2018 Picture Editor, SZ Magazin

Solo Exhibition

2022 Behind two big trees,
Cultuur Werkplaats Tarwewijk, De Vitrine
Rotterdam, NL

Selected Exhibitions

2023 Somewhere Else is Closer than You Think
Group Exhibition: In Times Of Trouble We Dream With Open Eyes, The Grey Space in the Middle,
The Hague, NL
Somewhere Else is Closer than You Think
Graduation show KABK,
The Hague, NL
Illusion of a happy City
Kunstprijs Charlois, theater Zuidplein and metrostation Masshaven, currated by Karin Trenkel,
Rotterdam, NL
2022 My Dear Friend Sam
Window exhibition, KABK, collaboration with Ben Yau and Daniel Chatard, curated by Beatrice Cera,
The Hague, NL
My Dear Friend Sam, Yolun Dışında
Pop up exhibition, collaboration with Darağaç, curated by Manu Ferneini and Pascal Giese,
Izmir, TR
Illusion of a happy City
Kunstprijs Charlois, Fietspad aan de Dotlaan, currated by Karin Trenkel,
Rotterdam, NL
Attitudes of Elements
Group Exhibition: Countercurrents, Bunker at Waterkant,
in collaboration with Creative Court, coordinated by Jana Romanova and Daniël Siegersma,
The Hague, NL
2021 The Calm after the Storm Refracted Reality,
V2_ , currated by Florian Weigl,
Rotterdam, NL
2020 Photo Conversation with Nihayah, Dagmar, Varvaria and Lea
Hybrid virtual-real Austausch, Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts,
Peterskapelle, Luzern, CH
2019 Silent Witness
Eye on Art Research Lab, Eye Film Museum
Amsterdam, NL
Rainbow Refugee Stories
Mucca, currated by Francessco Giordano
Munich, DE
The Land of Milk and Marsh
Photo18, Praterinsel,
Munich, DE
The Land of Milk and Marsh, halbvoll X halbleer
collaboration with Manuela Braunmüller, Gina Bolle, Sandra Singh,
Francessco Giordado, Pezi Novi, Sophie Neudecker and Eva Ahoi,
Farbenladen, Munich, DE


2022-2023 DAAD abroad scholarship, DE
2023-2024 Fotodok, Lighthouse, NL

Speaking Engagements

2022 Artist Talk, Couter Currents Exhibition
Attitudes of Elements, Waterkant Bunker,
The Hague, NL


2021-2023 Mentor for BA Photography at Royal Academy of Art,
(2023 lead by Ola Lanko), NL

Selected Publications

2023 Portret van de Tarwewijk, interview and commisioned work
Kulturweerkplats, Rotterdam, NL
2022 CHIP FOTO-VIDEO Digital, featuring Counter Currents,
Attitudes of Elements, CN
Ying Yang; A collection of thoughs for/how selfpublishers (to) balance
the sruggle of publising in the climate crisis area,
curated by Floor van Meeuwen, Beautiful Plastic Bag,
Rotterdam, NL